Quiff hairstyle

I wanted to start this thread to post one picture of cool quiff hairstyle. I think that the quiff hairstyle is under-rated even though it’s an aesthetic hairstyle.
I think the under-rated part comes from people not knowing the name of the hairstyle and just styling the quiff naturally. I mean it isn’t rocket science to just pull the hair up on the front… you know? Big Grin

I use a hair wax for quiff hairstyle. I have also seen other people recommend hair gel for a quiff. Even pomade if the quiff is going to be styled into a pompadour. What’s interesting is that a quiff is part of the foundation to a pompadour, brush up hairstyle, shaggy hair and more.Even when I just wear a messy hair style i always end up with a quiff. Same goes for doing a side part hairstyle as in you can always get the front styled up.