Some tips for shaving classic

Classic hot towel shave

If you have hard beard can wash your face with warm water and some soap for this purpose, it will help soften a bit and shaved more enjoyable.

If it’s the first time you do foam and do not get a good result not despair, you can throw you were doing and try again, with practice will achieve foaming in record time (if some people can make foam with egg white and a fork, why you can not do it with soap and you brush?)

-After Use instruments shaven you should wash them thoroughly with running water and let them air out until dry for storage.

‘In the market there are plenty of items so we love. Before venturing into buying any of them make use of the web and investigates the properties of each, remember that there are different types of skin and each ingredient has a specific function.

Take your time, shaving the face is a duty that every man has to himself and this can not be taken lightly.